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Deals of the Year

The greatest deals are often quite different in reality compared to how they appear in the news.

Exploring the background, challenges, motivation and mindset of those involved should help provide a roadmap for those considering a similar journey or inspire those who don’t feel as if they have access to it.

2019’s panellists will offer a unique insight into their own journeys, including the challenges, the keys to executing a successful deal and lessons learned along the way. During this topic discussion, the panellists will speak about three deals completed in the past year and analyse them from start to finish.

  • An indicative selection of areas which will be covered on the day include:
  • What made it work?
  • Who’s involved?
  • The key stages involved.
  • Taking chips off the table while driving the business on and monetising success.

Dedicated Q&A sessions with the speakers will ensure that you’ll have the opportunity to leave this discussion with a deepened understanding of the roadmap surrounding a successful deal.


David McKernan 3

David McKernan

Founder – Java Republic
Speaker Profile
Deals of the Year


Nikki Evans

CEO of PerfectCard
Speaker Profile
Deals of the Year

donagh kelly

Donagh Kelly

CEO of KN Group
Speaker Profile
Deals of the Year

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