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Transformational Growth

History is filled with stories of companies which were forever changed by a period of transformational growth. The question is whether it an elusive myth or an achievable goal for every SME?

The question for all on the outside looking in is “How did they do it?”. Often it is put down to luck, ‘right place at the right time’ or some other unattainable characteristic, however, this is generally not the case.

Join three of Ireland’s business leaders who have successfully scaled their businesses through a period of transformational growth as they share how they did it. Through their stories, the panellists will share the keys to unlocking their growth journey, the crucial considerations along the way and lessons learned.

An indicative selection of areas which will be covered on the day include:

  • Scaling both domestically and internationally.
  • The options and considerations when funding growth.
  • The roadmap for scaling businesses.
  • How to scope attractive growth options, identify potential synergies, and the reasons for and against.

Dedicated Q&A sessions with the speakers will ensure that you’ll have the opportunity to leave this discussion with a deepened understanding of how to take your business to the next level.


bobby healy cropped

Bobby Healy

CEO and Founder of Manna.aero
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Transformational Growth

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Mary McKenna

MD of Tour America
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Transformational Growth

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